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Adding and Archiving User Accounts on SiteConnex website

Login to your website.

Select Users > Add New from the dashboard list on the left. 

New User

Add a Username which is the person’s first and last name, no spaces, lower case, i.e. johnsmith.

It is critically important to use the correct convention when creating user accounts (e.g. username needs to be full firstnamelastname). Once you create the account, you cannot change the username. The SourceLink team will ask you to delete the account and recreate it if an account is created that does not follow the correct format.

Enter email address and select Role from the drop down menu. In most cases, select Site Administrator, only. (See help doc for adding Guest Blog Author.) 

Add New User

IMPORTANT: Check the box next to the option to Add the user without sending an email that requires their confirmation. (If you miss this step, you will need to contact SourceLink for support)

Skip Confirmation Email

Click Add New User > Edit user.

Edit User

Set a New Password. Copy password so you can send in email to new user. Click Update User. 

Set New Password

Archiving or Removing a User

  • Go to Users
  • Open the user
  • Under Role select ‘No Role For This Site,’ and remove any checkmarks in Other Roles
  • Click Update User

Once finished, the user account will exist only for archival purposes. The user will no longer be allowed to login into the website.

Last Updated 09.02.21

These Help Documents are Under Development and Subject to Frequent Change

Updated on July 18, 2023
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