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Slow Website Loading Speed on SiteConnex™

Slow website loading speed is always hard to nail down. With so many factors that can impact things, we like to start first with a speed test analysis on your website, as well as a speed test on your computer or mobile device. Once we receive these results, we can further diagnose.

It is important to note that your public website visitors will have a difference experience on your SiteConnex website than you will as a logged in website administrator. This is because we turn off many optimizations that make your website load fast for your user account, than when you are logged in to manage your website. We do this to ensure you can see changes you make to your website (even if it may slow down your own browsing experience).

For more information on slow website speed, visit How Caching Affects Your SourceLink℠ SiteConnex™ Website.

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Updated on March 15, 2023
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