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How To Create a Feature Header Image Across Multiple Pages

If you only want one header image to occur on a page, use the single image block on that page. However, if you want that same feature image at the top of a group of pages, for example, at the top of all the pages on the drop down “ABOUT US” menu seen in the picture, then setting these individually on each page is inefficient. If you ever want to change the image, you’ll have to go through to update the header image on every individual page, one-by-one.

A better way to do it is to create a Porto block and then embed that block onto each page. Then if you want to change the photo on all the pages, all you must do is change the block image and it will update the image on every page.

An example of a feature header image on a page:

Header Image Example

Step 1: Create a New Porto Block

Go to Porto > Template Builder.

Create New Porto Image Block

Choose the Block tab, then Add New Block at the top.

Choose Block Tab, Add New Block

Give the block a name, select Create Builder.

Give Block Name, Select Create Builder

Switch to WPBakery Page Builder, at the top.

Switch to WPBakery Builder

Then select + Add Element and proceed to select a single image as you would on any other WordPress page. The result looks something like this. Update the page to save it.

Header Image Page Example

Step 2: Embed the Block You’ve Created onto Pages

Copy the image above the title “Header-Image-AboutUs” (or whatever you will be naming your block). You will paste that to embed it in a moment.

Go to a page that you want to embed the image on, scroll down to the View Options section, to find the Content Top form input, paste your block name there.

Embed Block onto Page(s)

Update the page to save it. Repeat this step for all the pages you want this image to be featured at the top.

If you ever want to change this image, instead of having to change all the pages individually, you can now go back to Porto > Template Builder, open the block you created, then change the image. Update it to save, and that new image will be now be featured on all the pages where you applied this process.

Updated on March 10, 2023
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