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Import Client Referrals

  1. Go to Setup>Import Client Data
  2. Download the referral import file template
Sample Referral Import File
  1. Populate the spreadsheet with your client referral data – columns A – J. Open instructions in columns with comments (red triangle) to enter proper data. 
    • Column A – Enter SourceLInk Client ID for the client who is getting referral information. (found on the Client Record tab)
Client ID
  1. Column B – Enter the Client/Company Name
  2. Column C – Enter the Person ID (Optional). For existing client/people, use the EX611 to capture the Person ID (optional).
  3. Complete columns D – G with Person First Name, Last Name Person Email and Referral Date
  4. Column G – Enter referral type by typing “Verbal” or “Email”
  5. Column I – Enter the organization/client who this person was referred to 
  6. Column J – Enter the SourceLink client name 
  7. Note: if there are multiple referrals for one person, a new row will need to be created. 
  8. Save the file in your hard drive. Select Data File at the bottom of the Import Client Data page in SourceLink Pro. Click Import Client Data.
    • Note: You have the option of changing the Client Type, Client Status or Counselor on these existing client records. Leave these fields blank if there are no changes.
    • Check “Strict Client/Person Matching” if you want people without a company name to be matched with only individual clients. 
    • Check “Add Interaction to the client record,” if you want to add this referral information as an interaction.
Import Referrals

There are additional tools for Importing Client Snapshots and Importing Client Interactions

For more information visit, Importing Client Data

Updated on July 18, 2022
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