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Import Client Data (Including Resource Partners)

The Import Client Data page allows for group of client records to be imported into SourceLink. Go to Setup>Import Client Data.

Import Client Data

The instructions on the right side of the page detail how to download the import file template and format your data for importing. Imported files must contain the same headings located in the template file to be valid. 

Sample Import File

When you are ready to import, the form allows you to determine how the imported clients will be associated within SourceLink in terms of Client Type, Client Status and Counselor.

Check Prevent Emails for New Clients if you do not want the clients to receive the normal “Welcome to SourceLink email” (if you have that set up.)

Check Strict Client/Person Matching to limit matching company people to rows where Company Name is present. If no company name is present, matches will be limited to individual clients. 

Check Add Interaction to Client Record to create a new interaction for all clients during the upload. Options for Interaction Type, Assistance Requested and an Interaction Note will be displayed.

Click Import Client Data to begin the import process.

Importing Resource Partners

  • Select “Resource Partner” as the Client Status on the form
  • Add “Yes” to the Referral Contact column in your upload file

When the import has finished, a detailed log of updates to existing records and new records created will be displayed on screen and sent to your email address on file.

Tip: The extraction report EX630 is preformatted to allow bulk changes to existing clients and includes all of the same columns as the sample upload file. Simply export your results from EX630 to excel, save your changes, and upload the saved file using the Client Import Tool.

There are additional tools for Importing Client Referrals, Importing Client Snapshots and Importing Client Interactions

Updated on June 6, 2023

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