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Updating Resource Partner Profiles

Resource Partners have the ability to update an existing profile using the “Magic Link.” If a Resource Partner makes updates to their taxonomy (e.g. services and filters), or something entered in the question box at the very end of the profile update form, then we opt to place that into SourceLink Pro as a Pending Task for your approval. Service and demographic updates will need to be edited manually.

For other more routine updates (e.g. the referral contact person, and/or profile description), we allow these to post directly to the Navigator without a Pending Task and trust you will review the email notification for any issues.

When SourceLink administrators receive a “Navigator Update” notification in Pending Tasks in SourceLink℠:

Pending Tasks

1. Open “Navigator Updates,” then click the Organization Name. 

2. Review the changes in the “Requested Profile Updates” section at the top of the profile. 

3. In SourceLink, click the “Navigator” tab to open The Resource Navigator® profile page. 

Manual updates

4. Select “Services” tab. If you agree the updates are appropriate, then you will need to manually make those changes by checking and unchecking the boxes. 

5. When satisfied with the changes, click “Save & Dismiss.” Then you will see a screen allowing you to optionally email the provider that the profile updates were accepted or rejected using an email template as a guide. If you do not apply the requested changes to Services and Demographics changes, they will be rejected.

Apply requested updates
Optional email template

6. Save client

Note: SourceLink saves Resource Partner data on the SiteConnex website for a 24 hour period. This means new Resource Partner profiles or edits to existing Resource Partner profiles may take up to 24 hours to show up on the website. To accelerate this process, you can clear the SourceLink plugin cache.

Updated on April 3, 2024
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