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Followups (from Left Navigation)

The Followups Section in the Navigation Panel provides quick access to some of the SourceLink℠ Follow-up features. For an in-depth explanation of how to schedule and record follow-ups, see Scheduling and Completing Followups.

To see a list of all Client Followups scheduled, click on Followups in the left nav bar. The Client Followups Screen will appear.

Client Followups Screen

For each scheduled Follow-up we can see the date for which it is scheduled, the client name, assigned counselor and the type of follow-up to be performed. You can sort this list by Date, Counselor, Person or Type by clicking on the arrows to the right of the heading.

Complete a Followup

To complete a Followup, click on Complete under Options. The Complete Followup screen will appear.

Complete a Followup

In this screen, enter the amount of counseling time, prep time and/or travel time.

Contact Time—Captures the duration of the interaction.

Prep Time—Captures the time spent on preparation

Travel Time—Captures the time spent on travel

There is a notes field if needed.

The Action dropdown menu can be customized for your organization, as can the Result dropdown menu. These can be customized by selecting Setup in the left nav bar, the selecting List/Values and either Followup Actions or Followup Results.

Followups List Values

Edit Followup

To edit a Followup, click on Edit under Options. The Client Followup screen will appear.

Edit Followup

When you have finished making changes, click Submit.

Delete Followup

To delete a Followup, click on Delete under Options. The Delete Client Followup screen will appear.

Delete Followup

Click Delete. You cannot UNDO a delete followup.

You can also Add a Followup from this screen. For details go to Scheduling and Completing Followups.

Updated on August 10, 2022
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