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Scheduling and Completing Followups

The purpose of scheduling a follow-up is to remind you or your staff that a client interaction with a specific client will need to be performed at some time in the future. You may, for example, want to follow-up with clients 30 days after an appointment to see if they are making progress, or every six months to see if additional services are needed. Follow-ups will allow you to schedule and categorize these future interactions and also to help you keep track of your scheduled (“pending”) follow-ups.

To schedule a Followup, click on the Followup Tab in the top nav bar within the Client Record.

Followups Tab


The Client Followup screen will appear.

Followups Screen

To schedule a Followup, select the Followup Date and Type. The Counselor will default to the person scheduling the Followup. The Person will default to the primary contact in the company record.

A client Followup can also be scheduled for a client while in an Interaction as explained in the Interactions section.

When an interaction is created and a Followup is selected, it will appear on the Followups Tab. Under options, you can open a Followup to edit it; delete it; or complete a Followup.

Followup List

To make sure to include the Interaction Type from the Followup “Type” dropdown menu, go to Setup -> Field, List, and Tag Setup -> Interaction Types page. In order to show up in the list, check the “Followup Type” box.

To complete a Followup, click on Complete under Options. The Complete Followup screen will appear.

Complete Followup

In this screen, enter the amount of counseling time, prep time and/or travel time.

Contact Time—Captures the duration of the interaction.

Prep Time—Captures the time spent on preparation

Travel Time—Captures the time spent on travel

The Action dropdown menu can be customized for your organization, as can the Result dropdown menu. These can be customized by selecting Setup in the left nav bar, the selecting List/Values and either Followup Actions or Followup Results.


There is a notes field if needed.

Scheduled Followups 

To see a list of all Client Followups scheduled, click on Follow-ups in the left nav bar. The Client Followups Screen will appear.

Scheduled Followups

You can sort this list by Date, Counselor, Person or Type by clicking on the arrows to the right of the heading.

A list of your pending followups will appear on your dashboard in SourceLink Pro.

Pending Followups
Updated on October 4, 2023
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