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The Resource Navigator® Reports

By going to the Report Listing page under the Reports section of the navigation bar in SourceLink℠ Pro, you can view a list of all available reports.

You can view reports that only deal with Navigator Content or Navigator Usage by clicking on the radio buttons on the top-right of the SourceLInk Reports pane. Otherwise, you can select All in order to view all available reports.

To run a report, select the report title from the list of reports. Some reports require parameters.

Resource Navigator Reports in SourceLink Pro

Frequently used reports for The Resource Navigator®:

  • CT300 – Resource Navigator Directory – This report will list all of the resource partners and sponsors with the option to filter by county.
  • CT310 – Resource Partner Service Offering – This report will list all of the services offered by all resource partners.
  • CT315 – Resource Partners without Services – This report will show any resource partners who do not have associated services.
  • CT321 – Organizational Profile ONE – This report lists all of the contact and business information for a selected organization.
  • CT335 – Services without Resource Partners – This report lists any defined services not currently offered by a resource partner.
  • CT370 – Incomplete Resource Partner Profiles – This report lists any resource partner profiles that are missing key information. It will highlight the missing element. It checks the following data fields: Contact first and last name, all parts of the address, phone, email, short description, and business summary
  • CT395 – Resource Partner Intake Form – This is a blank intake form intended to either be printed and mailed or sent via email as an attachment.
  • SU402 – NEW! Resource Navigator User Activity Log (Extraction) – displays what people clicked when interacting with the Resource Navigator. For example, if they click on the partners website link, or Facebook link, it’s logged and shown in this report.
  • SU435 – Search Analysis – This report groups and counts RN searches within a user specified data range based on the category and service being requested. Parameters : Start Date, End Date

Note: When selecting a report that filters by date the system uses 12:00 am (midnight) as the beginning time of day. For example, when running SU435 for the month of March, use the following dates: Start Date: March 1 – End Date: April 1. The report shows usage of the Resource Navigator from 12:00 am on March 1 through 11:59 pm on March 31.

Report Subscriptions

Subscribe to specific reports by going to the Report Subscriptions page under the Reports section of the navigation bar.

Click the Subscribe link next to the selected report and interval in order to receive a specific report. Reports will be emailed to the email address of the user.

Report Subscriptions

Tip: Show your Resource Partners the value of being listed in your Resource Navigator. Organizational Profile Report CT321 to show the number of times each resource partner has appeared in The Resource Navigator search results within a given time frame, along with the partner’s contact and descriptive information. Share this report with your Resource Partners to:

1. Show the number of times they’ve been referred to online
2. Review and update their information

Updated on September 8, 2022
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