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Sending Automated Surveys – Closed Surveys

You can now schedule surveys to be sent once OR recurring surveys to be sent daily, weekly or monthly. This is particularly helpful when sending satisfaction surveys to entrepreneur clients who requested assistance.

Note: Sending automatic recurring surveys is only available for Closed Surveys

To get started:

1. Create Survey Content

2. Select Survey Options

3. Create invitation to take the survey

4. Click Send / Resend >Select Setup Distribution List

On the top portion of the Survey Invitation Options, select Invitation Type > Email

Select “When to Send:”

  • Immediately (once)
  • Set day & time (once) 
  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly

If Daily, Weekly or Monthly is selected, set schedule.

Survey Invitation Options – Daily
Survey Options – Weekly
Survey Options – Monthly

Select Available Filters (Scout Reports)

Available Filters

Preview and Send

 Tip: When sending a 1-Month Satisfaction Survey, create the first invitation to be sent once. Then create a second invitation entitled “Follow Up: 1-Month Satisfaction Survey” to be sent weekly for two weeks.

Recommended filters for sending 1-Month Satisfaction Surveys to a group include:

  1. Interaction Date (i.e. June 1-30)
  2. Interaction Type (Initial walk, initial email, initial phone, additional request)
  3. Client Status (Active Client)
Updated on July 14, 2022
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