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Person Key Roles (Primary Contact, Referral Contact)

In SourceLink℠, any person inside of a client record can have one of several Key Contact Roles.

Primary Contact (PC)

Most typically this designates the selected person to be included in extraction reports where both company and person name are needed. This usually is the main point of contact for the client.

Referral Contact (RC)

For The Resource Navigator℠ the selected person will be used as the resource partner profile contact on the website. Several fields on the person record will also be displayed, including name, email, and address.

Primary (PO) or Secondary Owner Selections (under ‘Owner?’ option on person)

Most typically designates the selected person who deals with grants and contracts and can be marked for the owner of a sole proprietorship; also used to designate the most senior level person. When a Primary Owner is selected, additional fields will be shown (see below).

Person key roles
Updated on May 11, 2023
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