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Event Export Processes and Procedures for KCSourceLink and MOSourceLink

KCSourceLink and MOSourceLink have two separate running calendar systems on each website. They both use the same software for event export purposes, WP All Export Pro. Using this plugin will allow the exporting of all events on quarterly and/or annual purposes for reporting.

When exporting events for reporting purposes, please be mindful that there is an automatic procedure in place to import events from KCSourceLink to MOSourceLink, so some events will be duplicated on both websites and reporting should be done carefully.

Exporting Events

  • Log in to SiteConnex
  • Click on All Export from left menu
  • Click Specific Post Type (should already be selected and green)
  • Click on the drop down “Choose a post type” and click on Events
  • Use Add Filtering options to select rules to isolate events by _EventStartDate and _EventEndDate (optional)
  • Select Customize Export File button
  • From the Available Data column on the right, select and drag the fields you wish to have in the export to the middle content area
    • SourceLink suggests expanding Standard and moving All button over
  • Click Continue button at bottom
  • Select the green Confirm & Run Export button
  • Use the CSV button option under the Click to Download header
  • Open the CSV file downloaded to your downloads folder to view the event data
Updated on May 26, 2023
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