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Email Templates for Survey and Event Invitations

Create and use email templates for survey and events invitations and follow-up communications. Select from pre-designed invitations by going to Setup>Email Templates on the left navigation bar. 

Left Navigation Bar
Email Templates List

Similar to Microsoft Mail Merge, several of the templates include [tokens] placed inside of e-mail communications to personalize the notes sent from SourceLink.

Email Template

To create an invitation go to the Events or Surveys Invitation tab. 

Create Invitation

Click  + Add Invitation. Choose from the Existing Email Template drop down menu or Create New Template.

Select Email Template or Create New Template

When Create New Template is selected, the Event invitation Email Template or Survey Invitation Template will appear. 

[Tokens] can be added to customized templates by selecting from the SourceLink Fields drop down menu.

Select SourceLink Fields for [Tokens]

Enter the Template Name. The Template Name is an internal way of helping you keep track of multiple invitations that may be created. For multiple invitations you will want to name them accordingly (Invitation to Sponsors, Reminder Invitation, etc.).

Enter Description of Usage, Email Subject Line, Reply to Email Address and the text/descriptive information that you want to appear in the body of the email invitation. You can format the body of the email using the html formatting controls which operate much the same way as do Word documents controls. When you are finished with the invitation, click Save.

Once the template has been created, it can be edited and saved to include current information.

Refer to Event Invitations and Survey Invitations – Closed for additional information. 

Updated on July 25, 2022

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