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Editing a Resource Partner (In SourceLink)

Click Resource Navigator in the SourceLink℠ navigation bar.

Resource Navigator

Click link to organization to edit from the list of Resource Partners. 

Resource Partner List

Client Tab

Client Tab

Edit organization information on the client tab. Select Resource Partner or Sponsor Company from Client Status dropdown menu.  The partner must be marked as a Resource Partner from this screen in order to appear in The Resource Navigator. A category selection is required. For a description of Resource Partner vs. Sponsor Company, scroll to the bottom of this screen.

Add Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn URL information.

Doing so will enable you to pull Facebook and Twitter metrics for Social Media Analytics available under Reports in the navigation pane.

Add URL and alternate URL (if desired) for the Resource Partners website.

This will also enable Google Analytics metrics for Social Media Analytics available under Reports in the navigation pane.

People Section

Edit contact person, email and organization address. 

Note: The contact name and organization address of the person listed as Referral Contact in the People section will appear on the public facing side of The Resource Navigator®. Emails sent from The Resource Navigator will be sent to the Email address listed in the People section. 

First Name, Last Name
While a Resource Partner may provide you with contact information for multiple people in their organization, list only the name of the Referral Contact (RC) to whom client referrals will be directed.

Contact information, Login CredentialsWebsite Username and Password

To grant access to the “Partners Only” section of the website, complete the Website User Name and Password information. This will allow resource partners to update contact information and descriptions.

  • Username and Password must be at least 7 characters long.
  • Once created, the username cannot be changed
  • Each Resource Partner is assigned only one login username/password. Multiple staff members may use the same login information. Granting access for a Resource Partner does not automatically give full administrative access to modify demographics, services offered or any other part of the administrative system.
Update Person (Referral Contact)

Edit Resource Partner descriptions, services, filters and geography from the Navigator Tab.

Navigator Tab

Logo Image

Upload a logo image by clicking Choose File, selecting the image file, and clicking Upload & Save.

  • The logo image must be .gif, jpg, or .jpeg format.
  • If a Resource Partner does not have a logo, your organization’s logo will appear by default.
  • Uploading a new logo will overwrite the previous one.
  • If the new image doesn’t show up immediately, refresh the page (Press CTRL+F5) or simply wait a few minutes.

Short Description

The Short Description of your Resource Partner will appear in the search results for Resource Navigator. The maximum length is 250 words.

Long Description

The Long Description is a summary of the Resource Partner’s services, which also appears in The Resource Navigator search results. The editor allows you to add special formatting to this description such as bulleted lists, italic and boldface text and changing text color.

Write specific descriptions of the services offered, i.e. do they offer loans or provide consulting on tax issues? Are the services provided by one- on-one consulting, through seminars or both? Include the appropriate audience for these services. Some partners work within a specific territory (county or city, for example) and others might only work with certain industries or stages of business.

To add a video to the long description, click the HTML tab in the Long Description editing box and add the embed code to the top. Click Save Client button.

Enabled Box

At the top of the General Information page the Enabled box is unchecked so you can work on the partner without making it immediately visible in search results for Resource Navigator. Once you are finished setting up the partner check the box and click Save Partner.

Services, Filters and Geography Tabs

“Services” refers to the education, training, technical assistance, financial and physical services Resource Partners provide to business owners. You can manually change the check boxes. It is critical that services are accurately described and accurately defined because this is the searchable information delivered to the user.

For ease of administration, the services are linked to a list of pre-defined categories. These categories encompass a range of services business owners need to start and grow businesses.


Step 1: Scroll down to select the appropriate service category.

Click the Save Partner button to ensure choices are saved.

Step 2: Check either the Offered and/or Specialty box in the row of the desired service.

Offered: Signifies that this service is a direct service offered by the organization.

Specialty: Signifies that this services is a specialty of the organization. Try to limit “specialty” services to three selections. 

Organizations indicated as specializing in a service will be listed higher in the results list than those marked as offering the service. It is strongly recommended that you initially do not flag partners as specializing until you can better judge which ones truly specialize in various services.

The list of services can be changed from the Filters & Values section of The Resource Navigator.

Filters refers to the specific audiences served by the Resource Partner. The system is set up so that, when a Resource Partner is added, it is assumed that the partner provides services to all businesses – regardless of business stage, ethnicity/gender, location or any other demographic category.

The Resource Partner will appear in all search results for a specific service when all demographics are selected.

Step 3: Check either the Supported and/or Specialty box in the row of the desired demographic.

By default, all demographics are selected. Uncheck any audiences a partner indicates it does not serve.

Supported: Signifies that this demographic is supported by the organization.

Specialty: Signifies that this demographic is a specialty of the organization.

If your organization specializes in working with underserved businesses select SPECIALIZE next to appropriate demographic groups.


Save Client

Click the drop down menu on the Options button to:

  • Add person
  • Merge Client
  • View 641 Part I & II (SBA)
  • Preview Resource Partner
  • View all updates to each partner are logged in the Audit Report, CT410 and can be accessed under the Options Tab.
  • View the Partner Report CT321
  • Delete Client
Delete Client

What is the difference between a Resource Partner and Sponsor Company?

Resource Partners: Nonprofit and or government agencies who provide specific programs and/or services which help businesses grow.

Sponsor Companies: For-profit companies who wish to advertise to small businesses accessing a SourceLink Network.

Each affiliate chooses how to categorize Resource Partners and Sponsor Company.

Note: SourceLink saves Resource Partner data on the SiteConnex website for a 24 hour period. This means new Resource Partner profiles or edits to existing Resource Partner profiles may take up to 24 hours to show up on the website. To accelerate this process, you can clear the SourceLink plugin cache.

Updated on May 10, 2024
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