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Adding and Managing Statewide and Regional Events

On SiteConnex, events may come in from any one of placed event calendar widgets. Some of these may be on sites controlled by SourceLink, or even in some cases, external to your (or our) control.

Either way, all events should be coming in to a central statewide SourceLink affiliate system (Louisiana Business Hub, or Start In Wisconsin). When this happens, a notification e-mail will be sent to your [email protected] email address, which may then be further forwarded to individual regional teams to see.

Once you receive the notification, you management team will log in to the website that will serves as the central place for all collected events. Once logged in to your affiliate SourceLink website, you will go to Events, and click on Events. The table on the resulting page will show every event, but to further filter, please navigate to the Pending option above the top of the table.

Once on the list of Pending Events, you will need to click on each event and review the event details- making appropriate changes as needed.

There are two key areas of note when reviewing events to be aware of:


Please ensure the exact correct region(s) have been indicated by checkbox for each event. If an event spans more than one region (e.g. is statewide), it is critically important to ensure every single checkbox has been selected.


Event Tags work slightly differently than the ADDITIONAL EVENT FILTERS. Every event needs to be tagged by each region that the event should show in. If the event happens to be statewide or multi-region, you should select each region as well as the Statewide Tag to ensure the events show as you expect.

Updated on April 7, 2023
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