The SourceLink® survey module allows an organization to quickly and easily create on-line and paper surveys that can be used to track economic data, business progress, referral follow-ups and more. Because it is integrated with the client tracking system, SourceLink can incorporate information from a client record into a survey, and pull information from survey responses into a client record.

Survey Reports collect and summarize the data that is returned in the emailed surveys and manually entered in the case of the paper surveys. There are two types of survey reports, a survey analysis and a survey extraction report. While they summarize the same data, the survey analysis report presents the information in graphs and charts which can only be successfully exported to pdf for distribution. It is basically a finished report. The survey extraction report is columns of raw data for the organization that wants access to the data for data mining, but plans on creating their own reports and graphs. The extraction report can be exported into various formats such as Excel and csv. There are two ways to get to the survey report.

Completed Surveys Tab

Click on the Completed Surveys tab within a specific survey and then on Survey Analysis Report or Survey Extraction Report in the upper right corner.

Clicking on the Survey Analysis Report button opens up the Full Response Text report which has all the questions and the responses either as aggregated totals or as individual responses. Typically questions with pre-determined answers (given in a drop down box or radio buttons for example) have totals that can be aggregated. Questions whose answers are supplied as free-form text cannot be aggregated.

Reports Section

The second way is through the Reports tab in the left side bar. Click on Reports and scroll to the appropriate reports. Clicking Survey under Show Types will narrow the search.