SourceLink® survey module allows an organization to quickly and easily create on-line and paper surveys that can be used to track economic data, business progress, referral follow-ups and more. Because it is integrated with the client tracking system, SourceLink can incorporate information from a client record into a survey, and pull information from survey responses into a client record.

This section explains Survey Invitations. Find more information in Creating Surveys, Survey Distribution, Survey Responses and Survey Acceptance.

Once a survey is complete and ready to be distributed, it is time to create an email invitation, which is basically explanatory text to the recipient that lets them know why they are being sent a survey and the overall purpose of the survey. When the email arrives in the client’s email box and is opened, the invitation is their first clue as to why they have received an email from your organization.  

The title “email invitation” implies that you are inviting them to help your organization out by responding to this survey. So you want to make the email invitation as upbeat and concise as possible. Be honest. Let them know why you are requesting their time, how many questions are in the survey and the estimated time they will need to fill it out. And always thank them, in advance, for their time in filling out the survey. Also, it’s a good idea to give them contact information at the bottom of the invitation in case they have further questions.

Sample survey invitation email

The Invitations/Distribution tab of an individual survey allows you to create and email surveys.

Note: You must create an invitation in order to send someone a link to the survey. The invitation and the survey are separate. You can use one invitation to send links to different surveys.


Adding a Survey Invitation


Choose from existing email template drop down menu or create a new template.

When creating a new Email Template, enter the Survey Template Name.

Enter the Template Name. The Template Name is an internal way of helping you keep track of multiple invitations that may be created. For multiple invitations you will want to name them accordingly (Invitation to Sponsors, Reminder Invitation, etc.).

Enter Description of Usage, Email Subject Line, Reply to Email Address and the text/descriptive information that you want to appear in the body of the email invitation. You can format the body of the email using the html formatting controls which operate much the same way as do Word documents controls. When you are finished with the invitation, click Save.


 Tip:  The redesigned the email engine allows users to create and use  e-mail templates for survey invitations and follow-up communications.  [tokens] that can be placed inside of e-mail communications to personalize the notes sent from SourceLink.

For more information about templates, go to Email Templates for Survey and Event invitations.

Edit a Survey Invitation


Select Use an Existing Email Template from drop down menu. 

From this screen you can edit the subject line, reply email and text. By using the Design mode (button at bottom) you can type and edit as if in a Word document. You can also program in HTML by clicking that button.

Preview the survey invitation by clicking Preview at the bottom right corner of your screen. 

Tip: You can reuse the same invitation for different surveys (i.e. Annual Survey invitation can be used with 2014 survey, 2015 survey)

Click Save.


Delete a Survey 

Delete a Survey by selecting Delete under Save Survey drop down menu. You cannot undo Delete Survey Invitation.

For directions on how to distribute the survey, go to Survey Distribution.