To accept data from Open Surveys:

Log into SourceLink with email and password.

1. Click Pending Tasks from navigation bar on left side. Submitted surveys will be sent to Pending Tasks in SourceLink┬«. Select View|Accept/Reject survey on the right. 

On the Survey Responses tab you will see who submitted the survey and the submission date. You can then select one of the options. 

When selecting Accept / Reject, SourceLink will check for matching clients already in the database. If no matching clients are found, a new client can be created.*

When SourceLink detects one or more people with a similar name, phone number or company name, you have the option of creating a new client or updating an existing client. 

*Our matching process is basically:
1. company name
2. person name
3. email
4. work/home/cell phone

When company name, person first and last name and email are all provided, the system will match on all four fields.

If only the company name has a match, a new person will be created within that company.

When a company name is NOT provided, the system will match on person name, email and work phone.

If there is no match, a new client will be created. 

Note: If a new client record is created, the "First Contact Date" will be the date of survey submission.