Start using SourceLink Pro with this Quick Start Guide.  

Username and password – User name is your email address that is registered on SourceLink Pro user account. Password is assigned by SourceLink or account administrator.

Left Navigation Bar

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Dashboard – Opening screen shows Recently Opened Clients, Cool New Stuff (Enhancement Releases), Interaction Statistics and Resource Navigator Quick Look. 

 Clients Add a New Client or Open Client. View list of Resource Partners if using The Resource Navigator®, view list of recently opened clients. See Managing Client Records

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Tabs across the top of client record (when client record is open) include: Client, Snapshots, Interactions, Referrals, Followups, Surveys, Events, Documents, Navigator (When Enabled)

Client – Includes company contact information –  other recommended fields to complete: In Business, Month Started, Year Started – Status, NAICS Code, Legal Entity Type

  • People  – Click + to add individual names and contact information, demographics, Referral Contact (RC-when using Resource Navigator)
Snapshots – Click + to add Client Snapshot ('picture' of business status by date) – used to track changes in business/economic impact. Recommended fields: Type (baseline/ongoing) Full Time Employees, Part Time Employees, Business Stage. See Snapshots

Interactions – Click + to add contacts with client i.e. meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. Recommended fields: Interaction Type, Counselor, Person, Contact Time/Prep Time, Notes. See Interactions

Referrals – Record client referrals to individuals and organizations to help them grow their business. See Managing Referrals for Clients

Followups – Click + to schedule a Followup phone call or email. Will also show up in Followups list in left navigation bar. See Scheduling and Completing Followups

Surveys – View survey responses from client record.
Events – Click + to invite and/or register client contacts to events. Also view event client participation. 

Documents – Upload document files to cloud storage up to 15MB. See Documents

Navigator – For use with The Resource Navigator® – visible when Status selected is “Resource Partner” – add: logo, short description, long description (left column), Services, Filters, Geography (right column) – check boxes next to services “Offered” (direct services only), “Specialty” for primary direct services (specialty services limited to 5). See Editing a Provider

 Followups – To see a list of all Client Followups scheduled, click on Followups in the left nav bar. The Client Followups Screen will appear. See Followups (from Left Navigation) 

 Events – Create events and email invitations, manage RSVP lists, track those who attended the event and how much they paid. See Events

 Referrals – Referral organizations and referral history lists are shown from left navigation. For an organization to show up in the Referral Organization list they need to have at least one incoming or one outgoing referral. Then they will show up in both the Referral Organization list and the drop down menu under the Referral tab. See Managing Referrals for Clients.

 Pending Tasks – Add: Web intakes, Emails to Interaction, Resource Partner profile submissions to client records. For more information see Related Articles in right column

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Image PlaceholderResource Navigator - view the list of Resource Partner organizations

Surveys – Create email and paper surveys that can be used to track satisfaction, economic data, business progress, referral follow-ups and more. See Surveys


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Report Listing – Choose from a variety of predefined reports to view database information and track metrics in areas of Administration, Business Analysis, Client, Extraction (with filters), Navigator Content and Navigator Usage. See Reports Overview

Report Subscriptions – Choose from a variety of reports to receive by email on a weekly or monthly basis.

Scout Reports – Use filters to create your own reports. See Scout Reports


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Users – Add new users to SourceLink account. Assign Client and Administrative permissions. 

Email Templates - Create and use email templates for survey and events invitations and follow-up communications. See Email Templates for Surveys and Events

Import Client Data – Upload group of client records into SourceLink. See Setup - Import Client Data

Field, Lists and Tags – Customize Interaction Types, Document Types, Client Types and create Tags to further identify groups in the database. See Setup - List Values

Navigator Services & Filters – Customize Resource Partner Service Categories, Services and Filters. See Navigator Services & Filters

System Settings – Set up Email to Interaction Options including default information, Auto Email Options, Report Rendering Options and 3rd Party Integrations. See Setup - Report and Email Options.

Web Forms – Create Web Forms to embed into your website for client intake. 

Contact Us – Send an email message to our Help Desk directly from SourceLink Pro. 

Help & Resources  – Link to Knowledge Documents on all features of SourceLink Pro.