Start using SourceLink Basic with this Quick Start Guide.  

Username and password – User name is your email address that is registered with SourceLink Basic user account. Password is assigned by SourceLink or account administrator.

Left Navigation Bar

Dashboard – Opening screen shows Recently Opened Clients, Cool New Stuff (Enhancement Releases), Interaction Statistics and Resource Navigator Quick Look. 

 Clients Add a New Client or Open Client. View list of Resource Partners if using The Resource Navigator®, view list of recently opened clients. See Managing Client Records

Tabs across the top of client record (when client record is open) include: Client, Snapshots, Interactions, Documents, Navigator (When Enabled)

Client – Includes company contact information –  other recommended fields to complete: In Business, Month Started, Year Started – Status, NAICS Code, Legal Entity Type

  • People  – Click + to add individual names and contact information, demographics, Referral Contact (RC-when using Resource Navigator)
Snapshots – Click + to add Client Snapshot ('picture' of business status by date) – used to track changes in business/economic impact. Recommended fields: Type (baseline/ongoing) Full Time Employees, Part Time Employees, Business Stage. See Snapshots

Interactions – Click + to add contacts with client i.e. meetings, phone calls, emails, etc. Recommended fields: Interaction Type, Counselor, Person, Contact Time/Prep Time, Notes. See Interactions

Documents – Upload document files to cloud storage up to 15MB. See Documents

NavigatorFor use with The Resource Navigator® - visible when Status selected is “Resource Partner” – add: logo, short description, long description (left column), Services, Filters, Geography (right column) – check boxes next to services “Offered” (direct services only), “Specialty” for primary direct services (specialty services limited to 5). See Editing a Provider

 Pending Tasks
Add: Web intakes, Emails to Interaction, Resource Partner profile submissions to client records. For more information see Related Articles in right column


Report Listing – Choose from a variety of reports tracking metrics in areas of Administration, Business Analysis, Client, Extraction (with filters), Navigator Content and Navigator Usage. See Reports

Report Subscriptions – Receive reports by email on a weekly or monthly basis.


Users – Add new users to SourceLink Basic account. Assign Client and Administrative permissions. 

List & Tag Values – Customize Interaction Types, Document Types, Client Types and create Tags to further identify groups in the database. See Setup - List Values

Navigator Services & Filters – Customize Resource Partner Service Categories, Services and Filters. See Navigator Services & Filters

Admin Settings – Set up Email to Interaction Options including default information, Auto Email Options, Report Rendering Options and 3rd Party Integrations. See Setup - Report and Email Options.

Required Fields – Choose fields that are "Required" or "Recommended" to complete the record. Required fields will show 'red' bar. Recommend fields will show 'blue' bar. See Recommended/Required Fields.

Web Form Setup – Create Web Forms to embed into your website for client intake. 

Contact Us – Send an email message to our Help Desk directly from SourceLink Basic.

Help & Resources  – Link to Knowledge Documents on all features of SourceLink Basic.