If you have an info@yoursourcelinksite.com email account created by SourceLink, you have full control over how e-mail forwards are setup and redirections to your catch-all email account are managed.

To Add an Email Forward

  1. Log in to Gmail by Google, https://www.gmail.com
  1. Username: info@yoursourcelinksite.com
  2. Password: Provided by SourceLink (please DO NOT turn on 2FA or change the recovery email from help@joinsourcelink.com, so we may support you!)
  1. Click the Gear icon from the top right
  2. Select 'See All Options'
  3. Click on Forwarding and IMAP/POP tab from across the top menu
  4. Click 'Add a Forwarding Address'
  5. Enter the new email address for the info@ to forward to (e.g. rwilliams@joinsourcelink.com)
  6. The recipient e-mail account will receive an e-mail from Google/Gmail asking to approve, the recipient may click on the included link in the e-mail to allow the forward action to happen, or give you a code to use next to their name in the table shown below on this page
  7. Once the forward is allowed by Step 7, you will need to create a new Filter to make the emails travel to the desired recipient; to accomplish this, click on the 'Filters and Blocked Addresses' tab using the same process outlined in Steps 1, 2, and 3
  8. Select the text link option to "Create a New Filter"
    1. Set the TO: line to be your catch all e-mail (e.g. info@yoursourcelinksite.com)
    2. Click on 'Create Filter' NOT the big blue Search button
    3. Check the box that says, "Forward it to" and pick the desired email from the drop down menu (Note: approval via Step 7 is required before the desired recipient email will show here)
    4. Select the Create Filter button to complete the email forward process

To Remove an Email Forward

  1. Use Steps 1, 2, 3 above
  2. Check the recipient you wish to remove from the table displayed on this page
  3. Select the Delete button to stop the forward to going to the old reciepient