SEO must be developed for each individual page. To edit and make changes to your SEO you will need to edit each page separately. To access the SEO tools for a specific page go to the Pages section of the dashboard.

From there go to Actions and click on it. From the drop down menu click on Title & Properties.

The areas you'll want to focus on are the ones above. Title for Search Engines,Description and Keywords.

The Title for Search Engines section is for organizations like Google, Bing and Yahoo to categorize your pages by title. It will also display what your page is about as the link on their search engine results page. You will want to be concise but also offer as much information as you can as to what this page does and what it's a part of.

In the Description section you will want to write out a brief paragraph on what this particular page is about. When people search on a search engine and get results this is what will appear underneath the title. It will let users know what your page is about.

Keywords are words that appear on the page. Typically you will want to highlight certain keywords on the page that pertain to your place of business and your goals. For instance on a page that is about small business you would want to enter something like "small business class" in the keywords. So when someone is searching on Google, Bing or Yahoo, and they search "small business class" your page will be listed among the results. Just keep in mind that you should not put any keyword on there that does not appear on the site. Search engines do not like when people do this and your page ranking on the search engine will go down.

One other quick thing on SEO is that you can view how you are getting visitors to your website from particular search engines. From the dashboard you will want to click on Marketing and then Analytics.

On the left side of the screen you will see a tree of options. Select Traffic Sources and then Search Engines. A line chart will be populated on your screen telling you which search engines brought visitors to your site and how many. You can change the views of the chart as well.

Remember an accurate and descriptive but concise SEO will help you move up in the page ranks.