Create a Form

  1. Login to the backend of your site:
  2. Click ‘Content’ → ‘Forms’
  3. Click ‘Create a Form’


  • Title: required, but only used internally
When you create a form, be sure to select WEB FORMS ONLY under the Advanced Settings. You cannot change this setting after the fact and your form WILL NOT work with the default MVC selection.

Click →Create and go to add content

Power User Tip: Lay out form in advance to determine what fields you will need. Capture first name and last name in separate textboxes so that you can alphabetize your list.

Drag form widgets to capture required information

  • Textbox: Allows for capture of short text information (name, address, email)
  • Multiple choice: Allows for capture of ONE answer
  • Checkboxes: Allows for capture of MULTIPLE answers
  • Paragraph text box: Allows for capture of longer text information (description)
  • Dropdown list: Allows for capture of ONE answer in a drop down style
  • Section header: Can be used to indicate a new section
  • Instruction text: Can be used to give instructions
  • File upload: Allows for respondent to upload a file
  • Forms Captcha: Ensures that a person fills out the form
  • Submit button will appear automatically
Once you drag a widget onto the page, click →Edit in the upper right corner of the widget.

Each type of widget will require information, depending on the type widget. All allow you to make the field required (check box). On multiple choice, check boxes or drop down widgets, add choices by clicking on the + and delete choices by clicking on the -.

Click →Create and go to add content

Clicking →Save on a content block will only save those additions or changes. To save the form, click →Publish in the upper left corner. You can also Preview and Save as Draft. If you click Back to Pages without clicking Publish or Save as Draft, no changes will be saved. You can also duplicate a particular question by clicking under More to the right of the Edit option.

The form itself will not appear anywhere publicly until you add it to a page. See Adding a Page To learn how to add a Form widget to a page.

Change Settings for a Form

To change the settings, click →Settings in the upper right hand corner. You can control form behavior by limiting to one entry per IP (for a contest, perhaps.) You can type in a message to be shown when the form is complete and redirect to another page. You can be notified by email when a form is completed.

Track Form Results

To manage the data collected in a form, click →Forms under Content.

Click →Responses across from the name of the form.

You can export the responses as an Excel spreadsheet (click →Export as Excel at top of page)

Power User Tip: Create a new form for each event, project, etc. so that the responses can be tracked by that project. You can Duplicate a form using the Actions tab next to the Responses on the main screen. Then you can edit to fit the new project.