Toolkits are great ways to provide resources such as e-books, white papers or reports to entrepreneurs on your website. By creating a web form on SourceLink Pro, requesting at least an e-mail address, you can count people requesting the material as a measurable client.

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Below is a step-by-step guide:

Load the toolkit (.pdf) to your website

  1. Log in to your website on Sitefinity.
  2. Go to Content -> Documents and Files
  3. Click Upload document or other files (green button)
  4. Enter your toolkit PDF, click Upload and Publish
  5. View all items -> Default Library -> Click on your document (should be at the top)
  6. Copy the URL to File (should be a long website address, be sure to include the end part that ends in .pdf); Save this [LINK], you'll need it for the next part.
Create the web form (also known as a lead generation form). 

  1. Go to SourceLink Pro and Login
  2. Either create a new Interaction Type for "toolkit" (Setup -> Fields, Lists and Tags)
  3. Navigate to Settings -> Web Forms
  4. Click 'Add Web Form' complete the fields you would like to require (sounds like name, email address)
    • Protip: please be sure to add an overview of what the form is and WHICH PAGE you placing this form on in the Description of Usage text box. You can go back and edit this after this step.
  5. Complete all other items on the Mail Settings tab
    • Email Results To: info@youremailaddress
    • Client Status - Active Client
    • Interaction Type - "toolkit" (added in step 2)
  6. Complete the form settings on the Form Messages tab
    • Text, Top of Page - Please complete the following form to download the toolkit.
    • Thank you Text - Thank you for sharing your interest in the toolkit. You can download the toolkit here by clicking: [LINK]
  7. Complete the form settings on the Email Automation tab
    • Send Confirmation Email
    • Update Subject Line - Thank you for your interest in our toolkit, here is a link...
    • Update Email Text - Add what you'd like here, be sure to include [LINK]

  8. Click blue Save at bottom to create form
Add your new Web Form to a web page (Sitefinity)

  1. Login in to your website on Sitefinity.
  2. Go to Pages -> Create a Page (or edit an existing page you want to put this toolkit form on)
  3. Under Drag Widgets section (far right side of the page), click SourceLink to expand the widgets, click and drag the Web Form Embed and place it where you would like on the page.
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  1.  Click Select Edit to choose a web form.
  2.  From the dropdown Web form to use, pick the new toolkit webform you created
  3.  Click Save
  4.  Click Publish
The request should come into SourceLink Pro as a Pending Task. It should automatically e-mail a link to download the report. It will also show the user the link after they click on submit in the 'thank you' text message that is shown. Be sure to test everything out.