SourceLink℠ reports consider any date provided without a time to default to be 12:00:00 AM of the start date selected through 23:59:59 PM of the selected end day. This rule is in place for all reports, except Projects Reports (CL168, CL169, and CL170). 

Use Case Example

Goal: Find the names of entrepreneurs who we have served (as defined by having at least one interaction) during the month of March in 2017.

  1. Reports -> Scout Reports*
  2. Type of Report: EX611 Extraction of People Information
  3. Interactions -> Interaction Dates
    • 3/1/2017 to 3/31/2017 (this tells the system: 3/1/2017 at 12:00:00AM through 3/31/2017 23:59:59)
  4. Run Report