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Survey Distribution – Closed Survey

The SourceLink® survey module allows an organization to quickly and easily create on-line and paper surveys that can be used to track economic data, business progress, referral follow-ups and more. Because it is integrated with the client tracking system, SourceLink can incorporate information from a client record into a survey, and pull information from survey responses into a client record.

This section explains Survey Distribution for Closed Surveys. Find more information in Creating Surveys, Survey Invitations, Survey Responses and Survey Acceptance.

The Invitations / Distribution tab of an individual survey allows you to create and email surveys.

Invitations/Distribution Tab

Send / Resend a Survey Invitation

Select Send/Resend under Options. You will have three choices:

  • Send to Individual(s)
  • Setup Distribution List (Group)
  • Re-Send All Emails

Send to Individuals

Click on Send to Individuals under the Send/Resend Option. The Send this Invitation to Specific People screen will appear.

Send to Individuals

Begin typing a name into the search bar. When the correct name appears, click to select. You can type multiple names into the Select People box. When you have made your selections, click Send.

If you select a name in error, click the X to the right of the name to delete.

Click Paper or Email under Survey Type.

Send to Group

Click Setup Distribution List under the Send/Resend Option. The Send Survey to Group screen will appear.

Send to Group

The Send Survey to Group allows you to create distribution lists and reuse those lists, using a series of filters and schedule when to send the survey: immediately (once), Set day & time (once), Daily, Weekly, Monthly. See Sending Automated Surveys – Closed Surveys for more information.

Preview—Allows you to preview the list before sending.

Schedule Invitations—Will send the surveys immediately or as scheduled.

Filter Set Options—Current Filters can be saved or you can open a saved set of Filters.

Tip: Name the saved Filter sets by who has been selected, such as Active Clients with valid emails so that you will know which group has been saved.

Available Filters:

  • Interactions
  • Snapshots
  • Events
  • Demographics
  • Client Data
  • Misc.

Each filter has a drop down menu. You can select multiple filters from which to build a distribution list. See Filters for Distribution Lists and Scout Reports for more information about these fields.

Tip: Selecting Filters for Distribution Lists works very much like selecting Filters for building a Scout Report.

Click Paper or Email under Survey Type.

Note: All surveys will be sent as an email to those with a valid email address. Paper surveys can be printed for those who do not have a valid email. You can also call those who do not have a valid email and fill in the survey for them.

Re-Send All Emails

Click on Re-Send All Emails under the Send/Resend Option. The emails will be sent automatically to anyone who HAS NOT responded to the survey; there is no screen that opens to allow you to double check.

A survey can be sent up to eight times in a 90 day period , which gives you the opportunity to re-send the survey in an effort to increase the response rate. Once 90 days have passed or the survey has been sent eight times (whichever occurs first), then that survey cannot be sent again.

Updated on July 14, 2022
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