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Survey Acceptance – Closed Surveys

The SourceLink® survey module allows an organization to quickly and easily create

online and paper surveys that can be used to track economic data, business progress, referral follow-ups and more. Because it is integrated with the client tracking system, SourceLink can incorporate information from a client record into a survey, and pull information from survey responses into a client record.

This section explains Survey Acceptance for Closed Surveys. Find more information regarding Closed Surveys in Creating Surveys, Survey Invitations, Survey Distribution and Survey Responses

For assistance with Open Surveys, please visit Creating Surveys – Open and Accepting Data from Open Surveys.

The Completed Surveys tab of an individual survey allows you to accept survey responses and look at quick analytics.

View: Click View under Options by the name of the client whose survey responses you wish to read. You can read (but not edit) the responses.

Accept / Reject: Click Accept/Reject under Options for the automatic uploading of survey responses to the individual client record.

The accepting / rejecting of survey responses is how the SourceLink system can upload survey responses directly into an individual client’s record. It ties back to the actual creation of the survey and which questions were used from the Question Library because it is likely that not every question in a survey will have the capability to be uploaded. 

Within the completed surveys tab, highlight the name of the client whose survey responses you are ready to upload, then click on the button “Accept / Reject.” A pop-up window will display the client’s survey with their name at the top and the questions with responses following. The Accept All responses is located at the top of the survey above the client’s name.

The accept / reject functionality was created to give the survey administrator a chance to review the surveys and verify that the responses are legitimate before a client record is actually updated. It is necessary to have the capability to accept/reject individual questions to make sure that any blank responses do not update the client record where they might erase pre-existing data.

Updating Individual Client Records

Any questions that do not automatically upload will have to be manually entered into the client’s individual record. You can view an individual’s responses by clicking View under Options.

Updating Paper Survey Responses

Paper survey responses will have to be manually entered into the client’s individual record. When a survey is received in the mail, click on the Surveys tab to enter the results. Click Enter Results under Options by the person’s name.

Updated on July 14, 2022
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