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Start in Wisconsin – Regional Lead Training

Start In Wisconsin is the premier network for local businesses. For owners and startups, Start In Wisconsin will power connections to start, scale and accelerate area entrepreneurs. For the established resource network, Start In Wisconsin will be a platform to provide best fit referrals, build your network, and to showcase the story of entrepreneurship in our region.

Each regional affiliate has a separate page within the Start In Wisconsin platform. As a regional lead, you have the ability to add new events and resource providers to your home pages. 


To login, visit https://www.startinwi.com/ and select the region you represent. At the top of the region page, select Partners>Login. Enter the username and password sent to you. Login as a Resource Partner. You must have submitted a Resource Partner profile previously to login successfully. 


1.  Events for the calendar can be submitted by going to the “Submit your event” link at the bottom of your calendar embed or by finding your regional calendar from the www.startinwi.com website.

2.  Open the link and complete the form. Be sure to specify region(s) and categories

3.  Once submitted, regional Leads and Stephanie Robey, statewide lead administrator, will receive notifications that an event has been submitted.

4.  Public and partners can complete the form an submit an event.

5.  Send link to public organizations that are not resource partners. Then review and approve as a regional lead.

6.  Regional leads can upload several events at one time by selecting “Event Uploader Tool” from Partner drop down menu. Download Excel Spreadsheet and populate with events. Follow formatting instructions. Then follow instructions for uploading file. You can also download your existing events from the Event Uploader Tool.

7.  Regional leads can edit, duplicate or delete events by clicking on event. You must be logged in.

Event Approval Process

1.  As a regional lead, you can approve events by logging in to the regional landing page, using your username and password.  To login you will need to have a profile in the Resource Navigator.

2.  From the dropdown menu from the Partners tab at the top of the page, select, “Approve Events.”

3.  Open the event that was submitted on the events list labeled, “Pending Approval,” edit if needed, click “Publish.”

4.  Regional leads can also select “Post an event” from the dropdown menu.

Resource Navigator

1.  Access the Resource Navigator from your regional page embed or from your regional landing page.

2.  If organizations want to join the network, send them the “Add your Profile” link that can be found at the bottom of the Resource Navigator page.

3.  After a profile is submitted, an email is sent to Stephanie Robey, statewide lead administrator, and another email will automatically be sent to the regional lead.

4.  To review and approve the partner profile information, go to the Start in Wisconsin region page, select “Manage Resource Partners” from dropdown menu under “Partners.”

5.  Open Pending Tasks, view the submission form application, select “Reject” if they are not a good fit. You have the option of sending a template email to the rejected organization. Select “Approve” if application is appropriate. Profile can be “enabled – immediately available in search” or “not enabled – Not available in search.”

6.  To edit a profile, go to the list of Resource Partners by clicking “Manage Resource Partners” from the dropdown menu under “Partners” from your regional landing page.

7.  Select the profile to edit from the list.  Click on the organization name to edit contact information on ‘Client’ tab. To edit profile information go to the “Navigator” tab.

8.  When reviewing “Services” watch for a maximum of five (5) specialty services. Reach out to ESO and ask to reduce number of specialty services.

9.  Review “Region” filter to make sure your region is checked. Most organization profiles should not have more than one region checked. Ask Stephanie for assistance if more than your region is selected. No specialty boxes should be checked for Region. Do not change any settings on the Geography tab.

10. ESOs can edit their own profile by opening their profile on the Resource Navigator. At the bottom of the second column under the map, they can click “Are you [name], update your profile.” They will receive a “Magic Link” to access their profile without the need for a username or password. The email on record must be current! ESOs can make and submit changes to their profile once the Magic Link is opened. Regional leads will be notified of changes via email.

11.  To change an email address, regional leads can open the Resource Partner client page in SourceLink (access from “Manage Resource Partners” on your regional landing page) and select the person name who is the Referral Contact (RC, green box). Enter new email address.

12.  Contact information on the “person” page is the information published in the Resource Navigator profile. 

13.  To turn off or turn on a profile on the Resource Navigator, go to the list of Resource Partners and click “Set as Inactive” or “Live.” Also, the “enable” box on the Navigator tab is also a way to turn off or turn on a profile. You can also access individual ESO profiles from this list to make updates to their profiles. 

Helpful links

Email address to SourceLink help desk –  help@joinsourcelink.com 

URL to online help docs – http://help.joinsourcelink.com/ Also accessible from SourceLink>Setup>Help & Resources

Editing a Resource Partner help doc

Recording of Regional Lead training session 6.6.20

Recording of Regional Lead Training session 1.19.21

Updated on September 26, 2022

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