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SBA Community Navigator XML Download and Upload to COMNAVS

In order to complete your reporting to the SBA, the client data itself must be downloaded in XML format from SourceLink and manually uploaded to COMNAVS. Each Spoke will have their own XML file, and each XML must be 100% error free in order for the upload to work.

To ensure data integrity for reporting purposes, it is critical to run the Community Navigator data error report periodically. To access this report, go to Reports -> Community Navigator Reports and click on “1. View Data Issues” link below the Process column. In the resulting table, any item marked as Error MUST be corrected or the XML upload to SBA will fail. The warnings are there for your information. You can generate the error report as many times and at any time you like.

To begin the report download process, go to Reports -> Community Navigator Reports.

  1. Click on New Batch button
  2. Give the Batch Name a title using the quarter and year (e.g. Q1 2022) then select the start and end dates (remember that SBA quarters are NOT calendar year quarters)
  3. Run the first step and correct any reported problems for the period (Step 1. View Data Issues)
  4. Next download the zip file that contains the XML data (Step 2. Save for SBA)
  5. This will save a file to your downloads folder called 3516-batch.zip, you then will right click on this file and select Extract All to unzip the actual XML files. For some groups, you will need to generate this download from every SourceLink system; others will have all the spoke data within a single download.
  6. Login to SBA COMNAVS, then-
  • Click on the Create New Intake button
  • Select the XML upload tab from menu
  • Select the appropriate Spoke
  • Click Start Upload button
  • Add your XML file for the appropriate Spoke

       NOTE: After you select your XML – this completes the upload process

  1. Assuming there are no errors after a 15 minute wait period, you are all done.

If there are errors, your Spoke will need to correct the client data in SourceLink, and a redownload of Step 4 will need to happen. You DO NOT need to recreate a batch to see updated client data.

Please note the following from SBA on existing fields that cannot be updated via the XML upload process:

From: Celorio, Michael L. (Contractor) <[email protected]>

Date: Mon, May 23, 2022 at 10:45 AM

Subject: COMNAVS: API/XML – Field Update Limitation


I am reaching out to you as our records indicate you are—or you are considering– uploading your data to COMNAVS via an API/XML connection. While we hope you enjoy using this feature,  we wanted to highlight that modifying any of the following fields in an intake record currently within COMNAVS will create a new intake record.

  • Account Information 
    • Name of Business, Address
  • Contact Information 
    • Name, Email, Taxpayer ID Number & Type, Phone Number
  • Hub/Spoke ID and Partner Key
    • These are new fields that were released into COMNAVS last week. While we will cover these items in training, an overview of each can be found at the bottom of this email. Your vendors should have this information already. If needed, SBA can pull information for you.

SBA is currently working to identify a path forward to make modifications to these fields possible via API/XML. If a solution is developed, we will inform users immediately. We ask that you document the impact of updating these fields in your internal policy until then.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have any questions!

Michael Celorio

Senior Solution Consultant | Salesforce

P: 202.684.5715| Washington, DC

Updated on June 29, 2022

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