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Reports Overview

The Reports section in the Navigation Bar allows you access SourceLink℠ predefined reports, create your own and subscribe to reports.

All reports can be viewed on your screen, saved to your local computer, printed on a local printer, or sent to another person as an email attachment.   In addition, SourceLink’s report engine can extract client data to an Excel spreadsheet for ad-hoc work.

Note: If a report includes a phone number, this is the primary phone number indicated in the client record.

Five choices under Reports:

  1. Report Listing
  2. EDMIS Batches/Reports
  3. Report Subscriptions
  4. Scout Reports
  5. Social Analytics

Report Listing

SourceLink currently has more than 70 reports. To make it easier to find the report you want, the reports have been divided into categories of content.

The categories are:

AD (Administrative)EX (Extraction)
BA (Business Analysis)FM (Blank SBA Forms)
CL (Clients)RF (Referrals)
CS (Client Scout)SB (SBA Related)
EV (Events)SV (Survey)
Reports Categories

The reports screen lists all reports and a description to each report. If a report requires Parameters, those are listed. Click a report name to launch that report in a new window.

Show Types—The list can be filtered by clicking one of the buttons.

The screen show below show BA415, Client NAICS Category Analysis for January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2022.

Report View

Note: at the top of the report, the start and end dates are listed. You can change the date parameters and click View Report.

It is very important to understand that SourceLink reports always (except for select custom reports like the BA420) use 12AM of the date selected. For instance, if you want a full calendar year of data, you must select 1/1/2021 to 1/1/2022 to ensure that activity that happened during the day of December 31st, 2021 is included.

The next line indicates how many pages are in the report. Use the single arrow keys to move between pages. Use the double arrow keys to move to the first page or the last page.

The dropdown menu gives you the choice of saving the report in several different formats.

Report Save Menu

EDMIS Batches/Reports

This section allows you to quickly pull batches for EDMIS reporting. Go to EDMIS Batches & Reporting for more information.

Report Subscriptions

Select reports in SourceLink are available by subscription. Click on Subscribe to the right of the report to which you would like to receive by e-mail (based on the email address associated by the user account logged in to the system).

Report Subscriptions List

The report will be emailed as a PDF attachment on the dates specified under Interval. SourceLink will email the reports to the email address specified in your User Profile.  

If you have trouble receiving the reports, check with your local SourceLink administrator to make sure your email address is up to date.

Scout Reports

You can also customize reports to fit your specific needs. Go to Filters for Distribution Lists and Scout Reports for more information.

Updated on August 15, 2022
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