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National Urban League External Consultant User Accounts

Some National Urban League Entrepreneurship Centers contract with external consultants for business counseling needs. External consultants are not generally allowed to login to SourceLink and will instead use webforms to enter data. Please send an email to [email protected] if would like assistance setting up a webform for external consultant data entry.

All user accounts will be monitored by the National Urban League and evaluated every six months. Center Directors will be required to submit a list of current users to the National Urban League. This list must indicate which users are external consultants.

External consultants may be given login access to SourceLink only when the following conditions are met:

1.  External consultants must sign a CONFIDENTIALITY AND CONFLICT OF INTEREST POLICY 051810.doc (contract employees, non-NUL staff) and Directors must keep an active copy of the executed agreement on file.

2.  SourceLink user account permissions for individual external consultants must follow the permission set outlined below. 

Entrepreneurship Center Directors assume all responsibility for all user accounts, including obtaining and keeping on file active signed confidentiality agreements when necessary. Center directors are also responsible for removing and archiving noncurrent staff and consultants regularly. For more information, see Adding a User Account.

Note: When Backend Access is unchecked, user cannot access SourceLink Pro, however, they will be listed as a counselor in the drop-down menu in Client Records and can submit web forms.

NUL External User Permissions
Updated on September 16, 2022
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