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Exporting Client Data from SourceLink℠ (including The Resource Navigator® data)

There are times when it is necessary to extract all of your client data from SourceLink. Most commonly, this is a process that some affiliates take to have local backups of their client data.

Whatever the reason, the client data is yours, and you are free to download it whenever you need. Please note, if you have thousands of client records, these reports can take several minutes to process and can slow down all users on your SourceLink system until the report finishes downloading.

Last, it is important to recognize that the downloaded client data will not be encrypted or in any way protected once it leaves the SourceLink system. These downloads will contain most everything stored in the database, including personally sensitive information. It is important to treat the resulting files with extreme care.

  1. Log in to SourceLink Basic/Pro/Enterprise
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Select Scout Reports
    • Select EX610 Extraction of Company Information
    • Click on Run Report
      • To ensure all records are downloaded, do not apply any filters. Please wait and leave browser open and focused on this page and do not navigate away or go to other browser tabs. If you have thousands of client records, this process will take time and may slow down other people using your SourceLink system.
      • Click on the Save icon, select Excel (or any other preferred format)
      • Save and move the downloaded file to a secure final location
  4. Repeat Step 3 for each subsequent Extraction Report.

Survey and Web Form Considerations

  • You may want to download Web Form and/or Survey responses separately, so that that you have the client data by specific Survey and Web Form.
  • Any Web Forms or Surveys placed on websites (e.g. intake forms, satisfaction surveys, etc) will be deactivated if your system is being turned off. SourceLink cannot tell you where these may be displayed, so it is important to double check this.
  • Past links to Web Forms and Surveys emailed to your clients will also no longer work when a SourceLink system is turned off.

Exporting The Resource Navigator Partner Data

  1. Log in to SourceLink Basic/Pro/Enterprise
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Select Reports
  4. Select Navigator Content from the top radio button list*
  5. Select the CT380 Resource Partner Listing (Extraction) Report
  6. Click on the Save icon, select Excel (or other format)
  7. Save/Move the downloaded file to a secure final location on your computer

Resource Navigator Taxonomy

Please note that any other extraction reports beyond the CT380 may include background licensed intellectual property of the University of Missouri-Kansas City (e.g. The Resource Navigator Service and Filter categories). This data may not be used in other applications.

Resource Navigator Logo Files

The CT380 report will include a URL location to the current Resource Partner logo. If you need to have the actual logo file, it will be necessary to save the image to your own computer by following this link in your favorite browser.

Exporting SiteConnex™ Website Data

For all of our SourceLink website affiliates, we install and setup Google Analytics. You can access and download reports via https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/analytics/. Most times, you will login with the [email protected] email that was created for you during your implementation and setup.

If there are any SiteConnex placed iframes or embeds (e.g. events calendar, The Resource Navigator, etc), these will not work following the retirement of SourceLink systems. It is your responsibility to coordinate with others using any shared technologies to be aware of any changes and to update their websites accordingly.

Other Considerations

  • If you are leaving SourceLink, once we turn off your system, all data can no longer be retrieved. Please make sure you have downloaded everything that you need.
Updated on March 24, 2023

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