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Events Registration

The Events Management Section allows you to create and email invitations for events and training seminars, manage RSVP lists, track those who attended the event and how much they paid. 

The options within the Events section are:

  • Event Listing
  • Manage Locations

This section covers Events Registration. Creating Events and Event Invitations are covered in separate sections. Go to Managing Event Locations for more details on that.

The Registration/Attendance tab provides:

  • Who has registered for the event sessions
  • Registration of additional attendees  
  • Allows you to record attendance information, such as who attended and what fee (if any) they paid

Click on the desired event from the Event Listing.


Click the Registration tab in the top nav bar of the Event Listing. The Registration and Attendance screen will appear.

Events Registration

Those who have registered through the email invitation will appear in a list.

Full fee—Select the checkbox next to the person’s name and click Full Fee to record someone who has paid the full registration fee for an event.

Tip: Select the checkbox to the left of $ Full Fee to check all the names on the list.

Alternative fee—Select the checkbox next to the person’s name and click Alternative Fee to record someone who has paid an alternative registration fee for an event.

Attended—Select the checkbox next to the person’s name and click Attended to record attendance.

Did Not Attend—Select the checkbox next to the person’s name and click Did Not Attend to indicate that someone did not attend.

Use the Trashcan icon to remove a registrant from the list.

Tip: You can also register a person or group of people for the event chosen by clicking on +Add Registrations. Select Register Existing People when adding a person already in the SourceLink database. Select Import Registrations from File when uploading a group of people at one time. Download a Sample File to enter names for group upload. Select Import Registrations from Past Event when duplicating a registration list from a past event. 

Import Event Registration from File

Note:  You can add new column headings to the Import Tool below. Select the exact name from the Client Import Data Template. 

Import Data Template

Tip: Use Report EV 201 Event Participation Status to print out a list of those invitees who have registered for an event. Reference Reports – Overview.

Tip: Use the  extraction report EX630 Clients/People Import Format to check group registration uploads

Updated on August 3, 2022
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