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Duplicate Checks and Client Merging

A common challenge we are often asked about is how to best manage duplicate client information inside of SourceLink℠ Pro.  We know running the AD507 Potential Duplicate report a few times a year helps, but with this new release, everyone will gain access to more powerful tools to help conquer duplicate client records. The first major change is the addition of the Potential Duplicates page under Reports on the left navigation bar. (screenshot below).

Potential duplicate records

From this new section of SourceLink, you will be able to view potential duplicate clients side by side to compare the differences and easily discover records that need to be cleaned up – whether that is because of a repeated name, phone, and/or email.

We didn’t stop there, however. If a client has a potential duplicate record, a red, yellow or green dot will be displayed in the top next to the options button. You can click on that dot to see details about the number of potential duplicates and go directly to those other client records.

Red dot=potential duplicate records

Lastly, we have completely redesigned the client merge process to be even more user friendly, transparent, and powerful. When you decide to merge a client in SourceLink with another, you will be prompted to pick what data you wish to keep in the resulting merged record. We hide fields that are the exact same for both, making the process of reviewing and accepting changes a breeze.

Potential duplicate record information
Merge client
Updated on October 20, 2022
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