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ChiBizHub – Submit Partner Events

On the ChiBizHub website, some resource partners may be provided with direct access to the website platform to add, edit, and remove their own events. For most partners, events should be entered and approved via this online form. SourceLink has also created a secondary alternative form that may be tried to resolve event submission issues before having to access the website as instructed below.

You can still use the online form to submit your events while logged in. After you use the form to submit your event, you can skip to Step 5 below, go find your event by clicking on the Pending text link below the Add New event button, find your event, and click on the Edit link from there to review and Publish your event to make it live on the ChiBizHub website.

Please view this recording for more information.

  1. Login to ChiBizHub Website via https://chibizhub.com/sl-admin
  2. Enter your Username as provided to you, usually the format is firstnamelastname (all together)
  3. Enter your Password as provided to you (if you need a new password, use the Lost your Password? link)
  4. Click on Events in the far left menu
  5. Click on Add New button to create an event OR find your event in the table, and click on the Event Title or the Edit text link below the title to make changes to an existing event OR click on Trash to delete an Event you no longer want on the ChiBizHub calendar (please do not edit or delete any events that do not belong to you, errors or updates to events that belong to others should be sent to [email protected])

Whether adding or editing an event, the Event settings detail page is always the same, and will look something like the below screenshot.

Here is additional information about each of the key sections you should complete on an Event detail page.

  • Event Title and Description are the first two text fields and should always be completed.
  • Time & Date should be the exact time and date for the event.
  • Recurring Event – DO NOT USE
  • Location – Select from an existing Location, or create a new Location with as much information about where the event will be physically held as you can (Address, City, Country, State, Zip, Phone, Website). If the event is online, please use Online Event.
  • Organizer – Select from an existing Organizer, or create a new Organizer with as much information about the organization hosting the event as you can (Phone, Website, Email). You may add multiple Organizers.
  • Event Website URL should be a link to the direct event registration page, not the organizers website, not the detail page on an organizers website, but to the actual registration form for the person to complete. Doing any other links to pages that result in additional clicks for the user is not friendly to visitors coming to the ChiBizHub calendar.
  • Event Cost – The only field you need to complete is the actual Cost field. Please enter in the total cost, or leave blank if unknown. If you know for sure it is free, please enter 0, otherwise leave blank or enter the price to attend.
  • Right sidebar -> Event Categories – Please select any categories that apply to this event. Very few (if any) events should apply to all categories, most events usually have one to three.
  • Right sidebar -> Featured Image – Please add a featured image to every event.

When your event details are complete and you are ready, you can click on blue Publish button in the top right of the Event detail page to complete posting your event on the ChiBizHub website.

Updated on May 2, 2023
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