Adding Events (WordPress)

To add an event, go to the calendar page on your website and scroll to the bottom. Select, “Submit your event details here.”

Note: Resource Partners can also submit events from your calendar page. 

Submit Your Events

Begin entering details of your event. Submit event.

Add Details
Submit Event Button

Login to the website. Open Events from the dashboard. Once submitted, your event will appear as Pending.

Open Event and edit as needed. 

Edit as Needed

Note: To add multiple sessions to your event, simply duplicate the event and change the date and other details as necessary. We do not recommend using the “Schedule Multiple Events” option. 

Event categories can be edited or added on the right side of your screen. 

Event Categories

A featured image for your event can be added from the right side of your screen. 

Featured Image

Event tags, categories, venues and organizers can be added from left navigation bar. 

Left Navigation Bar

Select “Preview” to view the event or “Save as Pending,” make necessary edits. Select “Publish.”

Updated on July 11, 2022

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