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Adding/Archiving a User Account in the SourceLink CRM

For administrators who have permission to manage user accounts in SourceLink Basic/Pro/Enterprise, first, log in. Click Users under the Setup section on the left navigation bar.

The Users setup section of SourceLink will populate in the right part of the window. You can Add User, Edit User, and Archive User (remove).

Select Add New User to add a brand new user account.

Edit – To edit permissions, password, and other items on an existing user account, click the Edit link next to the user name. 

Archive – Is essentially deleting a user and revoking their access, except it preserves their data and interactions. When selecting View Archived Users you may have the option to delete them permanently, (If permission is given). Permanent deletion will remove all data and is highly not recommended. 

The first field to complete in Add New User is Email. The email account entered will be the login for the site. We recommend using an organizational NOT personal e-mail address (e.g. [email protected] instead of [email protected]).

Complete the Password field, and enter it again in the field below. Please check your password here for strength.

Next, complete First Name and Last Name.

Feel free to fill out any of the other information in the top section if you wish, most of it is not required.

Client Permissions and Administrative Permissions are roles and functions that you can allow the user to access such as adding/editing users, updating client info, creating surveys, etc. Please select the right combination of permission(s) for each user. If you want to create an administrative user feel free to use the Select All check box in the top right corner to give full access.

Click the blue Submit button in the top right. If you do not click Submit, your new user account will not be created.

Quick Reference

  1. Setup (left nav)
  2. Users
  3. Add New User (top right)
  4. Complete fields (email, password, full name- required)
  5. Add permissions (client and/or admin)
  6. Submit (top right)
Updated on August 25, 2023
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