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Accepting Data from Client Intake Webforms

New client records in SourceLink℠ can be added via web forms to your website.

To accept data from web forms: 

Log into SourceLink with email and password. 

1.  Open Pending Tasks from navigation bar on left side.

2. Click View to see Client Activity Form.

3. Click Accept to create new client record OR Reject to delete intake form. If Reject is selected, a new client record will be NOT be created.

Web Form Submission Details

NOTE: If similar information already exists in database, select View Potential Duplicates.

Potential Duplicates

4.  If a similar client record already exists, click name under Person/Company. If a similar client record does NOT exist, click Not a Duplicate – Create Client.

Not a Duplicate – Create Client

5.  In the duplicate client record, new Intake form information will be in the column on the left. Review to make sure the darkened radio button circle is next to the most current information. When complete, click Update Client with Selected Information at the bottom of the screen.  

Update Client Data

6.  Open the newly created Client Record from Green bar appearing on top of page.

Open Client Record

7.  Update In Business and Year Started; confirm Client Status and Client Type and ALL other data is correct. Click Save client.

Update Fields

For more information, visit Creating Web Forms to create a new form.

Updated on August 10, 2022
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