You have the option of creating and completing and submitting a survey in SourceLink® to upload client data. Once the survey is created, if “paper” version is selected, it will not be sent to the client, but will be added to their record.

To add a new survey, select Surveys on the left navigation bar and click +Add Survey. Follow instructions on Creating Surveys help doc. Remember the “library” or “synced” questions will load into client data fields in SourceLink Pro, Custom Questions or “non-synced” will not. However, the entire survey will be saved in the client record by following these steps after your survey is created:

1.       Select the “Invitations / Distribution” tab at the top of the survey designer
2.       Select +Add Invitation to create an invitation for internal use only. See Survey Invitations

·         On the far right, select “Send / Resend” drop down menu.
·         Select “Send to Individual(s).” Be sure to change the radio button from Email to Paper. That way the survey won’t be sent, but will appear in the client record. 
·         Select the client name or person name in the “Select people” field. Click send.

·         Go to client record, click the Surveys tab along the top. The Survey should show up.
·         Click “Enter Results” under Options.
·         Enter the survey responses manually for the client. 
·         Submit survey.

3.       Use Reports to track important metrics. The Reports section is accessed from the left navigation bar. Reports are listed by groups.