Once you have logged in, the Navigation Panel will appear on the left side of the screen. Click on Clients at the top of the Navigation Panel, then click on New Client.

Step 1: Click on Clients                         

Step 2: Click on New Client


In the New Client pop-up box that appears, type the company name, first name, last name, phone number and email of the new client. If this is an individual, you do not have to type in a company name. First and last names are required.

First Contact Date defaults to the current date. You can change the first contact date by clicking on the calendar icon. SourceLink® will automatically record the first contact date from either this date, or the date of earliest client activity (first event attended or interaction), whichever comes first.

In-Business: This checkbox can be used through various reports to distinguish which clients are currently in business from those that are still in the process of starting a business.

Note: Phone numbers auto format with parenthesis and dashes so it is only necessary to enter the actual numbers

Click Submit

SourceLink Pro will scan the database for similar existing records and will list any potential duplicate Client and Event Attendee records based on matching:  

  • Company Names
  • People Names
  • Phone Numbers

If another record exists under the same name or with the same phone number the following message will appear:

You can either continue creating the new record or open the potential duplicate record.

For more information visit Managing Client Records